Dec 22, 2006

dear santa,

this year i've been really good. i haven't broken any laws (i think), i haven't stolen anything, and i haven't intentionally done harm to others. i donated money to charity at least twice, i've done a lot of nice things for friends, i've handed out compliments and homemade goodies with no expectation of anything in return, and i have given the panflute player at my el stop at least $10 over the course of 3 months. in return for being such a good girl in 2006, i have a few items on my wishlist that i'd appreciate it if you would take care of for me.

1. a new camera. i love my little cannon, but i would really love a digital slr. everyone else i know has one so i want one, too.

2. dinner at schwa. please see my previous post. it would be nice if it were a table for two so hubb could join me. but if you can't swing two seats, i understand.

3. can you make me like 2 inches taller? is that possible? if not, i'd like some pants that i don't have to hem, please.

4. the black pair of shoes in the center of the photo below in size 6.5.

5. a light blue eames rocker.

6. an all expenses paid trip to paris or rome or barcelona. i'd be happy with any of the three, i'm not picky.

7. any of these items from etsy.

8. a good wine shop/coffee shop/deli to open around the corner from my house.

9. a day at a spa in the mountins somewhere with a girlfriend or two.

10. a really nice bonus check on my desk at work when i get back from the holidays.

thank you and good luck delivering all those presents next week. if it's easier for you, i can wait until the new year for my gifts.



Hillary said...

if santa grants you number 9, can i come? i'll make a list and find somewhere to fit you in (in the extremely unlikely case that i've been a better girl than you this year).

Hillary said...

and you could make that second item from etsy.

Anonymous said...

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