Jan 2, 2007

Resolutions. (and how well I did)

1. Get in shape. (Didn't actually gain much weight, but didn't get fit, either.)
2. Be less judgmental, less critical, and more accepting of others. (learned to forgive others, ignore faults, and accept people for who they are, but remained painfully critical.)
3. Monthly budget. (Nope.)
4. Find better employment. (Got a better job, quit exactly one year later for a better better job.)
5. Be more adventurous. (Moved into the city (gasp!), got a new job, tackled scary New York City.)

1. Get in shape. (Actually gained 10 pounds)
2. Be less judgmental and less critical. (Got in trouble with my judgmental and critical self, hurt some feelings, and made a total ass of myself.)
3. Spend more money paying off loans and less on new crap. (Bought lots and lots of new crap, and paid the loans down just a little bit. Saved nothing.)
4. Be more crafty. (Learned to make jewelry.)
5. Be less controlling of my kitchen domain, and let Hubb do some cooking. (Let Hubb cook maybe one meal. When I wasn't home.)

1. Lose 10 pounds. (Joined a gym. Gained another 5 pounds.)
2. Drop the snotty attitude and just plain enjoy people. (I actually think I did pretty well with this one.)
3. Buy fewer things, but nicer things. (Bought lots of things. And a nice house. And a Le Creuset soup pot that will likely outlive me.)
4. Make more jewelry and sell some of it. (Made less jewelery, but made a lot of things with felt. Which I gave away.)
5. Learn how to cook something fancy. (Learned that I can actually bake pretty well, that braising is not scary but actually pretty easy and wonderfully delicious, learned how to make truffles and biscotti, and discovered how to make the perfect pork loin.)

And now for 2007
1. Lost 10-15 pounds. (use my gym membership, eat less cheese, drink less wine)
2. Be responsible and more knowledgeable about the large purchase we made in 2006, especially the tax implications. (read our condo docs, talk to our lawyer)
3. Sell something I make. (etsy)
4. Travel somewhere new. (Montreal, anyone?)
5. Let things go. (keep reminding myself that I cannot possibly control everything, all the time.)

And a bonus: Watch my friends have babies and stop feeling guilty that I'm not ready.

So I think I did ok last year, except for the weight thing, but isn't that everybody's resolution every year? I'm pretty comfortable with myself, just a little camera shy sometimes, and I still refuse to throw away some of my favorite clothes that I know aren't particularly flattering on me. But I want to be in a better shape so that I do not get winded as I run to catch the train, pull muscles as I carry groceries or walk up more than about a dozen stairs. And fit into my skinny jeans again. I miss those guys.

Happy 2007, dear friends. Hubb and I had a wonderful (though long and tiring) holiday in Virginia, and we're glad to be back home to start the new year. This year will likely be less momentous than last year, but that's a-ok with me. A calm and uneventful year is just what we need, I think. That way I can concentrate on making time to go to the gym.


Hillary said...

i'd go to montreal with you. although i don't know when i'd fit it in...the plan is dublin at the end of feb (if my cousin doesn't come, maybe you could?), jamaica in may (you could come right after my brother's wedding if you want), nyc in july, and dc in october (for a wedding). that's kind of a lot, huh?

Hillary said...


Mercy said...

Thanks for writing this.