Feb 20, 2007

yeah, so it's been a little while. what's been going on?

-hubb received an honorable mention for his pinch salt and pepper set at the design within reach "Modern+Design+Function" exhibition last thursday. congrats, hubb!

-i didn't complain about his absence for two weeks of evenings while he was working on pinch and perforated (with our friend, hubwear founder, george aye) for the exhibition, and as a reward, i got a nikon d-50 for valentine's day. it actually just came today, and after i go to the gym tonight (ick) i'll start getting to know it.

-we finally got a storage space in our building, and have been slowly going through our mess of an office/studio/guestroom. we tackled a home improvement project of installing shelves in one of the closets, and now i have plenty of room for towels and sheets. (by "we" i mean hubb, actually.)

-i braised lamb shanks, and they were quite delicious.

-i baked zucchini bread, and it, too was quite delicious.

-i decided to can my short lived pretend-to-be-a-foodie-with-tons-of-time food blog, and merge the two here. food is a huge part of my life, after all. so why not celebrate food along side shoes and shopping and general ramblings? once i figure out how to merge the archives, the other site will be gone.

-we cancelled at least two planned lunches at hot doug's and now they're closed until march 5. damn. duck fat fries will have to wait.

-i've been busy (and have been really enjoying) work the past couple of weeks, which is nice.

-i've also been avoiding taxes. i know we have to do them soon, but i'm real scared.

at least i'm not pregnant.

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