Feb 21, 2007

so the d50 came yesterday (yay!), and i had a little bit of time to play with it last night. hubb gave me a 5 minute crash course in f-stops and apertures and ISOs, and then i realized i don't have a case for it so i can't carry it around with me just yet. and i only have a 256 card in my little elph (most of which is full with sentimental photos i keep on there all the time to look at longingly while i'm not near a computer....silly, i know), so i can't go around snapping a billion photos while i try to figure the new camera out. SO, we ordered me a fabulous neoprene case by zing, which are so incredibly phallic i can't stop giggling about them:
aren't they fabulously silly?! i am getting one more along the lines of the black one on the right. but the green one is just too disturbing, i had to share.
oh, i'm also getting a bigger memory card. which will be nice.
so until my d50 scuba suit arrives, i'll be elphing it for a few more days.

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Hillary said...

holy crap. those are dirty.