Mar 16, 2007

5 things i didn't expect from my dinner at schwa last night:

1. to really really REALLY enjoy the quail egg ravioli. i was hesitant about this course, and expected to be thrown off by the texture, slimy, raw and eggy....but instead it was delightful and probably the best thing i have ever put in my mouth. fo real. definitely the highlight of the dinner for me.

2. to overhear a conversation about glory holes.

3. to discover that the person discussing glory holes was someone we knew. in a 26 seat restaurant on a random thursday night, neither of us living in the neighborhood, and we see shylo, at the table next to us no less. it's a small small glorious world.

4. to be served the leftover south african dessert wine from the table next to us after they left. thanks shylo, it was delicious!

5. to shed a tear. the only course we forgot to photograph was a rose water sorbet palate cleanser. i got a little emotional tasting the rose water, it brought back memories of my childhood, of my mom, feelings of warmth and comfort and calm. considering how overwhelmed i got, it is a good thing it was only one bite.

i'll do the full round of photos and reviews this weekend after hubb adjusts the color in all of the pictures he took (it was really, really dark, and by the end of dinner all of our candles had gone out.) but it is safe to say that this was absolutely without a doubt the best meal i have ever had in my life.

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Shylo said...

Hello, fellow Schwa diner! Thank God you guys took photos because I forgot my camera.

And that dessert wine was fabulous. All courtesy of the Wine Diva, Chris Blumer, whose b-day we were boisterously celebrating that night!