May 24, 2007

ok. so. i'm having trouble getting back on track, obviously. but, i'm doing well. ignoring a lot of things, but doing well.

i have been doing a few things:

i got a new bicycle, a blue schwinn sprint. i also got bubblegum pink handlebar tape. i love my new bicycle, and i'm going to join critical mass for the first time ever tomorrow. i can't wait.

i also got a wonderful new messenger bag. and "skinny" jeans. i will be stylin fo sho.

i sent my brother off to boot camp and cried and cried and talked to his girlfriend for 5 hours while i drove his pickup truck up to my dad's house. i love her.

i caressed my girlfriend's pregnant belly for two days straight and decided that yes, i do in fact want to have kids someday. just not now. and that's ok.

i discovered that my bff is getting married, again. i am so thrilled and i can't wait to meet her fiance and go to the wedding later this summer/next fall. she called me to ask me what dates i couldn't make it before she sets a date. so sweet. i am a little shocked, and a little worried, but incredibly thrilled. she rushes into things sometimes, but she deserves to be happy more than anyone i know.

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