Jun 6, 2007

i wish i had more guts. more taste for adventure. bigger balls. and the time to use them. i also wish i could always remember the difference between affect and effect. and i wish my favorite pants didn't stretch out after wearing them for a day. and that i could use self control and not buy cheap sundresses at my neighborhood cheap clothing store that i only wear once, if at all. i also wish that i had more time for projects. specifically these:

1. fashioning a craft cart cover out of a piece of wood for the top and nifty woodgrain fabric for the sides.
2. taking more photos.
3. making more audubon bird collage paintings. (like the green one in my guest bathroom if you've ever seen it.)
4. making jewelry again.
5. sewing some more teddy bears for all of my pregnant friends.

i wish my feet hadn't given up on high heel shoes. i wish i didn't feel the need to wear high heel shoes to be taller. i wish the weather would even out so i could ride my bike to work without the fear of being either caught in the rain or arriving to work sweaty and sporting helmet-hair. i wish my hair always looked good, even after riding my bike wearing a helmet. i wish i wrote here more. i wish i didn't have so many things to wish about.


news: two of the 8 pregnant women i know have given birth. congrats, ladies! one is due this month, two are due next month, one in august, one in september (which is really two because it's twins) and one in november. phew. that's a lot of pushing.

my very best friend in the entire world is getting married again later this summer. i am all kinds of warm and fuzzy about it. and i may get the opportunity to visit turkey next summer for the formal turkish ceremony. how incredible is that?

i wish it were summer '08 already.


Erielle said...

I need some projects to do! You are so good at finding neat projects. Help me find some projects!

tina said...

i wish almost all of those things too! i just have different projects in mind. :)

eric said...

Here is a whole site dedicated to those wishing about things to do:

Anonymous said...

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