Jun 29, 2007

i've been cooking a lot more recently, thanks to my angelic organics share, discovery of a few new ethnic recipes and a little bit more time at home. in four days hubb and i ate homemade asian, indian, mexican and almost some italian. (we got busy that last night) i wish we'd followed through. oh well.

i started working on some projects at home, paintings, sewings, recipe following...i'm long overdue for a post about food. hubb and i are going to try to eat in more and out less this summer to save some moolah...which is a bummer when i just want to sit outside and sip a cocktail. i miss my roofdeck. i have a pain in my heart.

speaking of pains in my heart, i wish i could go back in time and NOT watch "deer hunter" on sunday night, the same day i missed my little brother's phone call from bootcamp. it tore me up and wore me out and traumatized me for sure. i'm now on a strict stupid comedy regimen on netflix for a few weeks, with just a little bit of six feet under for good measure. speaking of comedy, if you haven't seen "knocked up" yet? i didn't expect to, but i totally loved it. it could have used a few less ball jokes, but gynechiatrist is my new favorite word. that would be great, actually. a sex health and therapy provider all in one? to deliver your babies AND monitor your mental health? sounds perfect to me.

i'm debating whether to go to critical mass or go home and take a nap today. it's been one of those weeks where i can't get up in the mornings...eh.

or i could go home and start that italian dinner we never had last weekend....


Anonymous said...

All of that sounds veeeery familiar... We do the same exact things :D

Joel said...

That comment was mine by the way... you should check out my blog sometime emily... http://burntstick.blogspot.com/