Sep 5, 2007

wow. really? it's been over a month since i updated? wow. time flies, i guess.

i have been busy.
i visited my family, moved our office, went to two weddings and two baby showers, endured 4 weeks of physical therapy for a mystery knee injury, attended the most blogged about engagement in history, and my house tour appeared on apartment therapy, among other things. oh, and i got accepted into the diy trunk show! yay! i'll be selling my bird collages with my friend hillary of sans couture in a little over 10 weeks. eep!

i just recently finished reading you shall know our velocity and i'm pretty sure it changed my life. though a bit of a vulgar and not exactly challenging read, it is a beautiful story, both heartbreaking and inspiring and i am now thinking about the world and my place in it much differently.

i have remained deeply in love with etsy, especially the idea of selling my own wares there. more to come on that front. soon, i hope.

i've been cooking more recently, and hope to finally start writing some recipes. i've been stuffing whole fish and being creative with veggies and desserts.

i need to take more photos. i've been lagging not only here, but in almost every creative output i had previously taken part in. i need more motivation.


katieoltremare said...

i'm glad you updated--i saw your house tour on apartment therapy the other day and wanted to congratulate you! it looks so lovely, well designed but really comfortable to live in.

i'm excited to see your bird collages sometime soon too. :)

emily said...

thanks, katie! i hope to start cranking this weekend...

Hillary said...

it's been awhile since i read "you shall know our velocity." i remember loving the writing (b/c despite being kind of a hipster doofus, dave eggers is an amazing author) but hating the part halfway through the book where he sort of takes it all back.

i need to work on jewelry! i need to think of something cohesive to tie a line together...

also - i'm going home the last weekend of sept. and i'll talk to my dad about display ideas (since he does tradeshows all the time).


Joel said...

I hear you about trying to work on art and losing motivation... For me it's hard to work on fun animated shorts when I get home from a looooog day of animating boring medical shite :) Guess that's what the weekends are for haha.

adam said...

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