Feb 12, 2008

i'm still feeling listy. which i am now associating with lazy.

a. the barista at the starbucks that i pass on the way to work has been upgrading me from a grande to a venti, often enough that i am beginning to wonder if it's his way of flirting or if i just look damned tired.

b. i've often looked at the potbelly's bicycle delivery people and wondered if that might be a fun job, riding around the city, making people happy by bringing them food.

c. after eating anything i want for a weekend full of visitors, it's hard to get back to normal and resist buffalo blue cheese fries when they're available.

d. i am so desperate for a vacation, so much that i almost "accidently" bought plane tickets to montreal for the end of the week, and daydreamed a story of why i needed the time off work.

e. looking at potential apartment locations with friends this past weekend got my itchy for something new. i'm sort of slightly considering a few open house visits this weekend. or not. if i am feeling lazy. which i am.

1 comment:

Hillary said...

a. i think this happened to marshall on how i met your mother.

b. not in the winter!

c. where-oh-where do you get buffalo blue cheese fries??? wait, don't tell me. my mom and i are on a lose-weight plan.

d. have you checked out farecast? it's awesome. you can go to the "when to travel?" thing, put in chicago to montreal, adjust the length of your visit and it will give you when the cheapest flight is. i found tickets for $218 for next weekend (not this weekend).

e. was there anything available in my building? there's an open house on my street this weekend...