Feb 6, 2008

some things. (i'm totally into lists lately)

- for some reason, anti my usual critical self, i adore this.

- i want to create little business cards that say "i can hear your music. your headphones don't work." to hand to people on the train. i think that would be the polite thing to do, because these people are probably unaware that they are being rude.

- i bought a box of lemongrass tea from the ethnic cosmetic/hair care section of cvs a few weeks ago. it was $1.49 and is currently my favorite beverage.

- i feel totally awesome after tae bo monday. i'm antsy to go back and punish my leg muscles some more. once they stop throbbing, that is.

- i have found the most wonderful toy box, ever. i want it.

- i am almost done reading animal, vegetable, miracle, and it is totally making me want to go live on a farm and raise turkeys and tomatoes and squash. if you're at all into food you should read this inspirational, educational book.

- i would like a vacation soon. somewhere warm, please.

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Hillary said...

there was someone on the train with too loud of "music" today (i think it was actually talking - i would have thought it was a cell if i had heard anyone talk on "my" end).

we should do a whole series of, like, public service announcements. i'm not sure anyone would ever be brave enough to give them out, but it'd be funny. it reminds me of three different things/stories...

1. i forget who told me this, but someone said that their son was living abroad somewhere and riding his bike everywhere he went. cars driving by him would ride too close or do something else that made him feel unsafe. he wrote out a statement about what they were doing wrong or whatever, translated it into the native tongue, printed it out and would give it to drivers when they were stopped at an intersection or whatever. i thought it was a good idea in a couple of different ways, except that based off the culture, it might have been inappropriate, i don't know.

2. i bought these cute calling cards as a present for someone (regan?) when i was in sweden. they all said different things on the front - of varying degrees of funny - and the back had spots for your name and phone number.

3. glarkware makes urban asshole cards.