Feb 1, 2008

today: 10 things about me

1. i love love love blue cheese. everything about it is perfect.

2. i occasionally go through these ADD fits where i can't concentrate on anything for more than a minute. like today on the train i was trying to read newsweek and kept getting bored 2 paragraphs into each article. i hate when that happens.

3. i love to paint my own nails. i love getting pedicures, but i often feel that in my anal retentive attention to detail self, i do a better job at the painting part. sometimes i go through the whole summer with an impeccably self maintained french manicure and pedicure.

4. i have a lot of trouble following recipes. i always feel the need to change it, even by just a little bit. that has resulted in tragedy more than once when i've tried to bake.

5. i bit the tongue of the first guy i ever french kissed. i'm still amazed that he gave me a second chance.

6. i really dislike green bean casserole. with a passion.

7. i have these dual busybody/lazy sides to me. i love me some couch sitting in the evenings, but when i'm home sick, i have to do stuff. i often spend hours in the kitchen making chicken broth, then soup from scratch when i'm home sick from work. it makes me feel better.

8. i believe strongly in holistic and homeopathic medicine, though i don't practice it regularly.

9. i love almost anything with flavored with almond.

10. i used to play soccer when i was a kid, and my nickname was "speedy gonzalez" because i was short and fast.

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Hillary said...

i'm good at painting my own toenails. i don't like strangers touching my feet. it's weird to me for some reason.