Feb 4, 2008

things i've been thinking about.

- it would be cool to have a chandelier for my dining room table that is also wine glass storage. the wine glasses hang by their stems around the light, creating sparkly romantic lighting and easy access to stemware.

- diy baby stuff. i think one of the reasons hubb and i don't have any kids yet (one of the many many reasons) is that we are against all of the consumerism associated with raising children. disney this and sesame street that, toys and gadgets that we probably need in some capacity but really don't want to have to buy...or find a home for in our little condo. i don't think we'll ever get our families to go along with this, but i'd like to stick to as much of a diy aesthetic/lifestyle as possible when we finally decide to expand our family. handmade wooden and felt toys, handsewn clothes, homemade baby food. i think i have the gumption for it, we'll just see if someday i'll have the time to execute.

- another friend had a baby on friday, and surprise! it was a girl. what are these people eating/drinking that they all are having girl babies? but they're all perfect and beautiful and i wouldn't change any of them into boys. welcome to the world, alice! (i love that name so so much!)

- i keep buying artwork, and i've sort of run out of places to put it. i think i'd like to turn our hallway into a randomly arranged gallery of art...i just need to gather up the courage to put a bunch of nail holes into my walls.

- i keep pretending i'm going to go to a gym, do some aerobic activity, exercise, but i always find an excuse not to. it is possible that some people just aren't built for being active or am i just being lazy?


katie said...

i feel the exact same way about kid stuff! i really worry that our entire (small) house will be taken over by an avalanche of consumer-y toys. I don't think that I will have a problem not buying a lot of stuff for my kids. . . but it's my parents and in-laws i worry about!

Hillary said...

well, and once they get old enough, you have to worry about the kids themselves wanting the toys. you try saying no! :)

i hate working out, too. but i've been okay about getting it done. last week i was pretty good...this week...? i had to work to late last night so i missed tennis and today is fat tuesday and tomorrow i might try and go to make-up tennis and at some point i need to go buy some ski equipment...

sara said...

we have had the same 'kid stuff' conversation a couple times. he'll be like "I don't think you can handle having kids, because of all the waste." and I'll be like "well we just won't have waste. we'll only get them what they need." and then we'll both laugh.