Mar 5, 2008

so i've been reading a few inspirational "100 things to do before i die" lists recently and i wanted to put my $0.02 in, too. as i started to think about it i began to consider a few parameters, like do i start the list from here on, neglecting the things i have already accomplished but would be an a top 100 list if i were to write it for me as a baby? do i think in the attainable (learn to make ice cream) and also in the improbable (visit the moon)? do i list things that are similar but different as two different entries? (visit paris. visit london. visit prague etc.) 100 is a lot of things to think of, can i shorten the list to 25 big ones? oh the decisions i have to make. whelp, after all the thought and typing out about 20 items, i gave up. i'm not going to parasail in australia, probably ever. or hike the entire appalachian trail. it's just not going to happen. then i realized i'd listed about 15 things i'd already done (fall in love, graduate college, learn to make pottery, get a tattoo, etc.)

so instead, here's a list of things i've purchased in the past week:

- plane tickets to nyc
- a brown bathing suit
- an adoption fee for a pink flamingo at the national zoo (a gift for my step mother's birthday this weekend)
- a wallet pattern from a girl on etsy
- 3 bottles of my favorite wine (although i think technically hubb paid for that)
- comcast hd cable installation fee

it's been a slow week. before i die i'd like to have a week where i don't purchase a single thing. i think i've got a while to fulfill that one.


Kim Lyle said...

glad you guys sprung for HD, it's TOTALLY worth it :)

Phil S said...

Good thing Nancy doesn't know what a 'blog' is or you would have ruined the surprise. Also...I double dawg dare you to spend a week in which you do not spend money on a single thing. The strategery begins.