Mar 13, 2008

despite the weeklong congestion-from-hell-head-and-chest-cold i'm still battling, and the fact that we owe taxes AGAIN, i'm glowing today. so much happiness and wonderfullness. some of it big, some of it small, but all of it nice and sweet.

1. we're almost ticketed for our trip to chile next month. a stewardess friend of my mother's is helping us out with buddy passes, saving us about $1500. more money for yummy food and wine in the maipo valley. yes sir.

2. we got a letter in the mail yesterday from our mortgage company, the 6 month battle we've been fighting with them regarding our property tax has been resolved. instead of projecting we owe property tax on our entire 13-unit building, they have finally adjusted our monthly escrow payments to reflect just our unit. and not only that, but the check for the balance of our overpayments is in the mail.

3. hubb and i both got pleasantly surprising raises this month. more than we were expecting, which is nice.

4. last weekend allowed us to travel to virginia where we spent just under 48 hours with my entire family, including many small nieces, nephews, and cousins. it was so much fun, and reminded me, once again, of what an amazing family i have.

5. it is 54 degrees right now. spring time is on her way, and my wardrobe couldn't be happier. flats and dresses and flowiness is aching to come out. goodbye black sweaters and boots. good riddance.

now if only my nose would clear up.

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Hillary said...

dude, i owe taxes, too. it's bummin' me out.

glad things are going well! will i see you saturday?