Apr 25, 2008

i'm finding lots of happiness today, despite the rain and humidity and tummyache my unhealthy lunch caused me.

in chronological order:

1. saw that my dining room table is not overtaken by crafts because all of my paintings are patiently waiting for someone to purchase them at DEPART-ment. stop by opening night tonight for the best picks.

2. i left the house having a good hair day, felt skinny in my skinny jeans, and the shirt/jacket i bought in chile still fits perfectly and looks very cute.

3. i discovered these little beauties. they still make me happy even though hubb's veto against any more bird decorations places them out of my grasp.

4. reflecting and feeling happy about so many of my friends' and family members' recent changes....i'm feeling positive about separations that are for the best, moves to new cities (even if they take my friends far away), moves to MY city, purchasing of new homes, new jobs, babies.

5. dreaming about veggie and egg and fruit shares that begin june 14. only 7 more weeks...

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