Apr 22, 2008

i've been absent for a while...partly because i've been so busy but also because i'm doing my annual questioning whether or not this is even worth keeping up. so there it is.

what have i been doing?
1. painting. i'll be selling some pieces at DEPART-ment this weekend. come check it out!

2. visiting. traveling to virginia, having guests, visiting with friends who live closeby but i don't see nearly enough.

3. celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary in santiago, chile. the trip deserves its very own long winded post, which i will get to, i promise.

what am i looking forward to?
1. my little brother graduating college in a few weeks. college! i can't get over how grown up he is.

2. my mom moving to chicago next month! yes, really! it's almost final...

3. summertime. bike riding. skirt wearing. drinking beers outside. our veggie and egg deliveries. all that good stuff.

i'll see you all soon.

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