Jan 12, 2009

so i spent all weekend reading about 6 chapters in my textbook, including a 30 page chapter on flavorings - from basil to tawny port. it still feels unreal reading about things that 1) i already know a good bit about, and 2) that i actually enjoy learning. i will likely get over this sooner than later, but i'm still feeling oddly guilty.

hubb and i stayed in almost all weekend, watching movies and studying and napping. we finally watched ratatouille and now i wish i was going to be home tonight to cook something tomatoey and warm. we also manged to fit in a bacon tasting brunch (5 types of bacon - my house still smells like pork), and i made a yummy hard cider braised chicken with parsnips and brussel sprouts with heavy cream. it was a saucy dinner and it was delicious. (thanks, erielle for the brussel sprout tip!) (and for feeding us tagliatelle and letting me play with your wonderful baby.)

i keep meaning to photograph my uniform and i keep forgetting. maybe one of these days i'll remember to put it on and pose in front of a mirror for an unflattering self portrait. chefs uniforms are not meant for 5 foot tall curvy people. i purchased the smallest sizes available and i still feel like i'm swimming in my jacket, not to mention the 4" thick elastic wasteband of my pants coming nearly to my armpits. but i'm not in culinary school to be sexy, or to meet a boyfriend. i'm there to learn, to cook. and at least my pants won't fall down while i'm doing it.

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