Oct 22, 2009

i'm getting so bad at keeping this up. and to think, in two days it will be this blog's 6 year anniversary. can you believe it? it's so crazy. i've never done anything semi-consistently for 6 years. except be with craig. and be in elementary school. well, and live in chicago. but that's about it.

i am sort of laying low until i finish school, then i'll have lots more to share, lots more to do. and i think i'll reinvent this space. new colors, new template, new format. recipes to share, more photos. video? who knows. i think i've lost the meaning behind doing this, and i want to get it back.

in the meantime i'm planning a knock out thanksgiving menu, special canned christmas goodies, and trying to make the most of the last week or so of my 20's. i'm not sure how i feel about that right now. getting older. i contemplate that every year, but now i have a new number to get used to. three. oh.

xoxo. thanks for reading.

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Erielle said...

You're still in my RSS! I love hearing your updates. Have a great birthday, sorry we can't make it to your party. But we hope to see you soon.