Jan 11, 2010

wow, so it's been almost 3 months since i've visited here, it's safe to say i've had other things on my mind. introspective words aren't coming so easily to me anymore, as i've been spending more time writing recipes and catering proposals and emails apologizing to friends who i haven't spent much time with in the past year. i've finished my last kitchen class in culinary school - i only have one lecture class (nutrition) to take before completing my program. i feel torn about that. the last year went by so quickly and i'm still putting together what i learned from a year in culinary school. aside from the techniques, ratios, methods and recipes, i'm incredibly grateful for the lifelong friends and connections i've made - people with similar culinary views, tastes and visions as myself, as well as those with opposite ideas, strongpoints and goals who i will continue to be in awe of and learn from.

culinary school taught me more than i could ever put into words, and most of it not directly connected to cooking a piece of chicken or making a delicate sauce. being creative, understanding ratios, textures, traditions and the basic science behind cooking. being confident and adventurous and standing behind a vision. culinary school, for me, has been more about personal growth as a chef than about simply learning new skills and memorizing recipes. every one of my classmates is taking away something unique from this experience, and i'm glad to have been able to participate in it.

2009 was an incredibly life changing year for me. i am in such a different place today than i was one year ago. i'm 30. i'm being paid to do something i'm passionate about. i'm comfortable and enjoying life. i'm less stressed, more relaxed, and i have a much better vision of my future, both personally and professionally. life makes so much more sense to me now. i attribute that to many things - going to culinary school, meeting new people, quitting my full time job (and subsequently re-learning how to live on a budget), turning 30, and the continued support and guidance from my friends, family, and my wonderful husband. i couldn't have asked for craig to be more supportive of me during the last year of transitions, and after 11 years together, our relationship is the strongest it has ever been.

2010 is going to be equally epic, i can feel it. i've given up making new year's resolutions, but i will say that after everything i have experienced this past year, i vow to make each year subsequently better than the last. have new experiences, push myself, pursue happiness. life is proving to be so much more enjoyable that way.

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