Apr 5, 2010

chicago is warming up, we're getting sunny days, surprise rain showers and springtime temperatures. it's a welcome seasonal change, one that i've never quite looked at this way before. i have open daytime hours to enjoy the sunlight and the warmth, take walks, eat outside, visit with friends. i'm spoiled rotten, i know it. i'm imagining this summer and all of the wonderful things it will include - lots of growth and changes and new experiences.

we are going through a little stir crazy nesting right now - we've been in our condo longer than we've ever lived anywhere else, and we're hungry for some change. we are moving furniture, painting, redecorating, and it's working at making me feel like i have something of a new space to live in. i spend more time at home now, and every little change makes a difference.

i feel like the changes in my environment are reflective of the changes i've been making as well. i'm a totally different person now than i was a year ago. finishing culinary school, quitting my full time job, having time to contemplate and grow, not knowing where my entire next month's paycheck is going to come from, it's changed me. for the better. i'm much more relaxed now, much more laid back, happier in so many ways.

for the 6th year in a row we are going to be angelic organics shareholders, and this year we're taking on the entire share by ourselves. my brother and mom will reap some of those benefits when we're sick of salad greens and cabbage, but otherwise we plan on doing a lot of freezing and canning to make the most of our share. i might document our progress each week here, sharing the creative ways we intend to use up a 3/4 bushel box of vegetables each week. every summer, even with just 1/2 of the share, we end up becoming mostly vegetarian due to the quantity of veggies we have to go through, and i anticipate that happening to some extent again. i also anticipate breaking down and buying a small stand alone freezer - i'm not sure where it will live yet, but my little kitchen freezer is already full as it is. i obviously haven't thought all of this through yet, but i'm excited about the challenges it will pose.

and because of all of this, and more, i have a feeling that this summer is going to be the best ever.

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