Apr 12, 2010

seven years ago today i married the love of my life, my best friend. i still consider myself lucky, more and more every day, actually.

our lives have changed so much since we met, our paths have been altered and our goals have been redefined countless times. our life together has improved each year that we have been together with new experiences, new memories, new friendships and new plans.

this year is so much more meaningful in so many ways. we are at a point in our lives where everything is making the most sense, it is all meshing and clicking in the best ways possible. i say it each year, but really, we've never been so amazing together as we are right now.

i catch myself every day wondering how i deserved to have such a wonderful husband. such a loving and supportive partner, caring and empathetic friend. i am honestly one of the luckiest girls alive. i wish this luck and happiness on every married couple i know. and even those i don't.

i could gush about all of the reasons i love craig, but if you know us, i think they are already obvious. so instead, here are 7 tips from 7 years of marital bliss.

1. you can never say 'i love you' too much. ever. sometimes it's all it takes to end a disagreement. or just start the day off right.

2. don't take each other for granted. never stop saying 'thank you'.

3. privacy and secrets are two different things. the first is incredibly important in even the closest marriage. the second is harmful to all relationships, especially those closest to your heart.

4. spend some time apart. having different experiences and memories keeps intrigue and mystery alive, and gives you something new to share with each other.

5. go to bed mad sometimes. a good night's sleep is often better than 3 more hours of exhausted late night arguing. you'll probably forget what made you so upset in the first place.
6. give each other massages. all the time.

7. keep talking about your future together. don't ever stop making plans, no matter how outlandish they might be.

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