Dec 18, 2003

To add insult to injury, I have a sore throat today. I don't get a new job, instead I get a new cold. This how life works for me. I'm drinking my chicken bullion, I'm going home at noon to rest, and I plan to be up and running tomorrow for a marathon day of eating, drinking and being merry with my coworkers, to be followed by the beginning of a driving expedition half way across the country. My coworker has been sick for two weeks, my boss looks like he wants to die, the head of our sister department is also dreadfully ill, and now, with two days to go until I'm off work for two whole weeks, I contract their sickness. Fantastic. If I was putting in my two weeks I wouldn't mind so much. It would be sort of ironic. But now that I know I have to come back after the New Year to the same ole same ole, it's just an insult that I would get sick. It figures.

Song stuck in my head: Just Like Heaven by the Cure

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