Jun 28, 2004

Give me links or give me death.

It's been a musical weekend. Friday night was Spoon at the smoke-filled, over-packed, over-priced, under-whelming (did I mention smoke-filled?) venue that is the Metro. They treat you like livestock and demand proof of age at every corner on the way in. I'm never going there again. Sorry. Spoon was good but their second opening band, Thee Shams, can actually be labeled as the Worst...Band...Ever. At least in my book. Sorry guys, but learn how to play your instruments, especially the harmonica. I came home nearly asphyxiated by the black death of cancer growing in my lungs. I still get a whiff of smoke if I breathe out just right. I'll never understand the fascination with killing yourself and those around you in a non-ventilated space, but that's another entry.

Saturday night was Andrew Bird and the Magnetic Fields at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Andrew Bird is immensely talented, recording and looping his violin, guitar, bells, and whistling to entertain us as a one man show. His lyrics are a bit too self-aware, but he has more musical talent in his right pinky than I have in my whole body, so I can't really say much. The magnetic fields were great, and I have a slight crush on Stephin Merritt, with his amusing songs, deep voice, animated facial expressions and short stature. He is just too cute. The OTSoFM is a great venue, with NO SMOKING, reasonably priced drinks (all beers $4, much better than the $4.50 piss we drank at the Metro), and real honest to goodness seats. I guess this set up wouldn't work so well with a really rocking band, but for the Mag Fields I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself, and pay attention to the music instead of worrying about my lungs, my toes, and pulling my neck while straining to see more than stage lights.

The weekend before this last one, while my little baby brother was in town, we saw the Shins at the House of Blues (another smoky, pretentious venue where they treat you like cattle, herding you through a dozen ID check points, and then check you again each and every time you attempt to buy an overpriced shit beer. But they do have the saving grace of decorating their walls with interesting art and having bathrooms that actually #1-have locks on the stall doors, #2-have soap, and #3-have something with which to dry your hands. The Metro boast of no such amenities.) It was a good show, and I actually found a spot to stand where I could see more than the big HOB logo above the stage. It is a rare occasion that I can actually see a band play, as a 5 foot (and one inch) tall girl, I understandably often have someone taller standing in front of me.

Here's another link, just for fun. Thank you and goodnight.

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