Oct 22, 2004

Yay, the weekend is 6 hours away! Hurrah for the weekend! Celebrate the weekend! I'm much more optimistic today than I have been every other day this week, I'm feeling much better, more excited, more awake, and less ick. And that's good. I want to go on a date tonight (hint hint Hubb) to celebrate my release from grump jail.

This morning I hit the snooze twice, sang outloud, "One more time" (French Kicks style) and hit it a third time. It made me giggle slightly as I passed out for another 9 minutes. Now I've had the song stuck in my head all morning.

Yesterday I had a caffeine withdrawal headache, so I overcompensated today with 2 (TWO!) cups of coffee. Sleepiness be damned, I will NOT fall asleep on the bus today.

Hubb got home super late last night, so I half heartedly made lasagna by myself with a mismatched assortment of leftover crap in the fridge and a .99 cent jar of pasta sauce from the ethnic grocer. It turned into lasagna soup, but I shook my fist in triumph because it tasted damned good, despite being eaten with a spoon.

I always make a point to leave my last name, place of employment, and other painfully identifiable information out of this blog, but it has occurred to me that most of the people reading this thing know who I am anyway, so I'm being pretty silly. I'm still going to pretend to be vague and mysterious, but at least we'll all secretly know that it's pointless.

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