Feb 9, 2005

I was recently wooed into filling out an umphload of surveys and entering my e-mail address into about a trillion little entry forms by the idea of winning two free airline tickets (*) to anywhere in the world! Woohoo! I want to go anywhere in the world! I want those tickets! So, after spending two full days at work trying to figure out the best way to answer demographic survey questions, and trying to find a way out of signing up for 7 different monthly (fill in the blank) clubs, I gave up. Now I get at least 30 spam messages a minute promising to "Win a Kitchen!" and "For Real: Get Your Free Laptop Computer!". I do not need a kitchen at the moment, nor a laptop computer, and I don't want to sign up for the Columbia House DVD club (again), a monthly diet pill subscription or another damned credit card. I have whored out my mailbox and now I'm paying big time.

I am, however, promised to be entered into phase 3 of the Publishers Clearinghouse Gimmick...I mean Contest, guaranteed to be one of the finalists for a million dollars. If I win I'll let you know.


So every spring (not that it's spring quite yet, but I'm trying to cheer myself out of SAD and PMDD by thinking of sun and trees with leaves) I go through a frantic bathing suit buying episode where I purchase multiple bathing suits, one of which I might wear at some point before fall comes again. I'm at two so far this year (well, one and a half really...a one piece and a single bottom to a tankini that didn't come in different sizes last year but is now a mix and match so I can buy the correct sized bottoms), and am feeling rather sheepish because I noticed two bathing suits in my closet from last year that still have the tags on them. But I'm going to Hawaii! I need a swimsuit that is hott and functional and comfortable all at the same time! And oh my god how cute is this thing?

I admit that I own more swimsuits than most women, which is slightly ironic because I haven't actually been swimming in a long time, but many of them I won't actually wear in public, but only on my roof in the middle of a weekday when all of my neighbors are at work. I think I can comfortably wear this one out of the house, in front of people(!) no less. Yay for the bathing suit! I may have to take a week off work this summer just to have the chance to wear all of my bathing suits on my roof.

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