Feb 7, 2005

It's Monday and that means I am grumpy and tired and would rather be at home in bed playing video games. I pulled out the Nintendo 64 this weekend to start a new adventure with both Zelda and Mario. It brought back a lot of memories. Where has all my time gone that I have left the 64 to collect dust?! My next mission is to recover the old original Nintendo of my youth. I could go for a little Mario 3.

The Super Bowl was a success, or at least the huge quantity of food I prepared was. Except for the almond tapioca pudding. The toasted almond slivers ruined the soft sweet quality of the pudding I love so much. So it's back to the drawing board for that one. Sometimes two delicious ingredients do not yield an equally delicious result. It's a shame. I don't really remember much of the game, as Hubb and I really only watched for the commercials, which were not so great this year.

I recently purchased the Food Lover's Companion and I am in love. I plan to read it cover to cover and carry it with me for quick on the go explanations and descriptions and handy proof of my food and cooking knowledge. Like when I was at the grocery store one day last week and someone asked me where to find (and what the heck was) a demi-glace. The lovely reference book actually fits quite nicely in my new purse. I'm going to look like a weirdo reading it on the bus now.

So we didn't leave the car at CarMax this weekend. Hopefully the time it takes to sell it to a real person will leave us with at least 20% more than CM offered. Their offer would have just paid off our loan, and that's it. And that's no good.

Hubb turned me on to this website. It's amazingly engrossing. Perfect for a day when I want to accomplish nothing at work. I love how dorky the whole premise is, and how adorable all of his friends are.

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