Feb 10, 2005

Things I love:
  • Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wing "casserole"
  • Returning non-returnable merchandise
  • Conversation Hearts
  • Discovering I have worn the seat my favorite work pants so thin they are not practical to wear as pants anymore, but should be reassigned as chaps or some sort of sick corporate lingerie...
  • Walking up and down flights of stairs to relieve boredom
  • Big hair
  • Winning vintage dinnerware on the ebay
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Objectivism
  • Collecting things

Things I'm looking forward to:

  • Valentine's Day with the Hubb
  • A socially active weekend
  • The sofa being delivered on Tuesday
  • Getting rid of the futon. Finally
  • Possibly selling the car
  • The conversation hearts being eliminated from the candy dish on my desk
  • A day late Chinese New Year dinner
  • Getting new pants hemmed
  • Finally dropping those last few pesky pounds

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