Mar 8, 2005

After two and a half years sleeping on a hand-me-down full-size mattress that makes my shoulders and my back ache and isn't long enough for Hubb's monkey legs, we are finally getting a new bed. A bigger, better queen size bed. This means new bed linens! I am so excited I can't stand it. I'm anticipating long restful nights and bright cheery mornings, comfort and relaxation on my new high thread-count sheets, cool, crisp and refreshing, cozy, snuggly and warm. Sleep! On a new bed! With new sheets! The excitement is making me sleepy. The new bed comes Thursday, and I have every intention of going to sleep at 8pm that night, and all weekend.

At a girlie birthday dinner Saturday I got into a pretty emotional 2-bottle of wine charged discussion about nature vs. nurture with one of my girlfriends when it hit me: despite my wacky family and not so ideal upbringing, I'm OK. I'm physically and (for the most part) emotionally healthy, and I've turned out OK. And that's nice. I still have my issues (and who doesn't?) but I can deal with them and be happy. Just a random realization that's had me floating for the last couple of days. I'm OK, people! Woohoo!

Random Rant: Can somebody explain to me why every couple of months another one of my beauty staples gets discontinued? I can't tell you how many PERFECT lipsticks, eyeshadows, lotions, face washes, bar soaps and lip balms have disappeared into oblivion, and how much time I've spent trying to replace them. And then I do. And inevitably they stop making it. Blasted cosmetic companies. Damn them. Damn them straight to beauty hell. Maybe it's a sign for high-maintenance emily to simplify her life...we'll see how well that goes.

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