Mar 3, 2005

I'm giddy with excitement and anticipation today, because: GIRL TIME! My two girlfriends from college are coming for a weekend when the Hubb will be out of town next month to have fun, drink LOTS of wine, shop, explore and just plain catch up. I can't wait. It's been so long since I've had honest to goodness girl time, and it absolutely thrills me to have two of my best friends with me...all mine!...for an entire weekend. And then, a week and a half later: wedding anniversary and then Hawaii to visit my best friend of 20 years. April will be fantastic. I also get three paychecks next month. I love it.

In the meantime, March is looking pretty dull. Not much happening except getting used to not having the car, trying to save a little bit of money for our trips next month, trying to lose a little bit of weight so I don't have to buy a larger wardrobe. Trying to get used to the Hubb working late ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Trying to get into a crafty frame of mind...I stopped by an art store last night on the way home from work and they were out of each thing I was shopping for. So I gave up and today I bought a pair of argyle socks for a craft project instead. Whatever. Trying not to let the little things upset me.

For some reason I've sort of fallen out of music over the past few years, but now with my tiny portable music collection, I am realizing how much I've missed it. I've missed you, music. Thank you Apple, for reopening my eyes, er...ears.

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