Mar 2, 2005

Got together with friends last night and saw the Futureheads at the Double Door. It was a great show, full of energy and liveliness, and worth the smoky late night sleepy hangover headache I have this morning. They're a fun band to see live if you ever have the chance. And cute. The lead singer wore white loafers and I think their drummer is a robot. Fun times. Except for dropping my favorite cocoa chapstick on the beer and cigarette strewn floor. Gross.

I've been tired this week...but just couldn't commit to "accidentally" waking up late this morning. I still made it to work on time, drifting on the fumes of five and a half hours of crappy sleep. If I don't get a full uninterrupted eight hours of sleep sometime soon I might become incredibly grumpy.

I'm ready for spring, flip flops and skirts and no freezing cold runny noses waiting for the bus. Please get warm. Four months ahead, but I think Hubb and I have decided to have a 4th of July BYOP (bring your own protein) barbecue on the deck. I want to share the amazing experience of 360 degrees of fireworks that my neighborhood delivers with people I like. Drink beers and sangria and eat hotdogs and corn on the cob and potato salad in the warm summer sun, enjoy frozen grapes and margaritas underneath a celebratory nighttime sky of illegal explosions. I'm focusing on the warmth and fun of the summer while suffering through these last few weeks of dreary winter blah.

I want so much not to be at work today.

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