Mar 14, 2005

If only every day could be like this weekend. Event-filled Friday, Calm and productive Saturday, and crafty productive Sunday with rest and a fire and the most delicious homemade meal ever. Extreme Quality Time with the Hubb. Perfect.

Dinner: slow cooked pork with homemade barbecue sauce, sweet cranberry potato salad, carrot slaw and impromptu baked beans. Beer and smores and Quality Time. Deliciously perfect.

The productivity of the weekend was amazing. Cleaning the house, organizing, and in between I hit the sewing machine, fashioning a bedskirt out of a useless sheet, and am preparing to attempt two felt ipod covers for the Hubb and I tonight. Saturday landed us unplanned at a fabric store where I went wild on sale items, spending only $14 to keep me occupied for months. I'm not picky with my sales. I'd actually take a fabric store clear-out over a shoe sale any day.

Today wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be, and I'm actually excited to do it again tomorrow. The afternoon is winding down in slack relief of the pressure and insane excitement of mid-morning, and we're all staying off each other's backs. I was actually able to take a trip to the grocery store during a late-afternoon lunchtime for dinner items, and although I'm still not exactly sure what I will be eating tonight, I have an exciting array food items that will be sure to combine into something delicious.

I'm feeling rather lazy, as my adrenaline reserve is surely exhausted for the rest of the day. I feel much like my pretty girl Eva. Tonight that will be me, with a glass of wine and a plate

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