Nov 28, 2005

1. My oven broke on Thanksgiving. No joke. As soon as the turkey was finished (timing which I am forever thankful for) the oven started wailing a god awful siren and flashing "F3! F3! F3!" in giant red terribleness. It was like a terrible sitcom as we ran up and down the stairs to my angel of a neighbor's oven to tend to the dressing, and watched the rolls expand in the toaster oven. I won't get a properly working oven for almost two the turkey pot pie will have to remain a dream this year.

2. We still have at least 15 pounds of turkey left. And with no oven to make a casserole, and no taste for soup, I'm going to have to get creative.

3. I got a new cell phone. It is a camera phone. It is fun. And I get to keep the chirping birds ring tone. Fabulous.

4. I also got an absolutely fantastic vintage wool peacoat with fur trim. I checked it out a week ago at Una Mae's Freak Boutique, put it on hold, never returned to buy it, and returned to find it was still there on the rack a week later. It was a sign. I had to have this coat. It is fabulous.

5. Hubb and my brother found a huge stash of firewood, which we immediately began pilfering for ourselves. This winter is saved from a diminishing firewood supply! Yay!

5. And I got to spend a week with my brother and my mom, visit the Robie house, see a wonderful play, eat way too much food, buy tons of Frango mints, decorate my house for Christmas with my mom, and have lots of fires. It was the perfect Thanksgiving. And I'm thankful for that.

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