Nov 29, 2005

He's finally gone. My beloved Chester passed away on Friday. I don't go home for Thanksgiving and my dog dies. Shows me. I miss him. We have known he was on his last leg for a while now...I got to see him twice in a month this fall, to say goodbye, even though I didn't really believe it. I was planning on doing the last and final farewell at Christmas but he couldn't hold on that long. My poor baby booper boy. But, as Hubb reassured me, Chester most definitely made it to doggy heaven. He was the best dog. Such a good dog.

I am sort of afraid to ever get another canine, because I'll expect it to live up to what Chester was. Smart, energetic, but still always ready to lay down and groan and sigh and put his head on my pillow. Always excited to see me, the only other man allowed between myself and Hubb in bed. My Chester bester booper boy. He will always be My Dog. Nobody will ever replace him.

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