Jan 13, 2006

So I've been battling this cold/flu thing for the last week; no appetite, no energy, constant headache...I've been concentrating on comfort and warmth. My bed, comfy pants, tea, tea, tea.

I'm suddenly enamored with anything and everything apricot. Dried apricots, apricot tea, apricot sauces, apricot jelly. It is a fruit that I had never paid much attention to, but have decided might be one of my favorites. It's so interesting how my tastes keep changing as I age.

I have backlogs of cooking and decorating magazines to read, but even with time off from work, my headache is keeping me from doing anything productive. I paid two bills and I had to take a nap.

Nothing is sexier than a man who knows food. Which is why I adore Jamie Oliver, Tyler Florence, and despite his chain smoking, and subtle resemblance to a turtle, Anthony Bourdain. And although I've fought it for years, it is extremely satisfying to let my husband take control of the kitchen. Heaven is having your man cook for you. We'll be making this a regular occurrence, believe you me.

Time for another nap.

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