Jan 4, 2006

Top 5 things I learned in 2005
1. It is ok for me to be snobby about a) cooking, b) wine, and c) decorating.
2. I will never stop buying shoes. But better to waste money on shoes than crack, I say.
3. How to make delicious potstickers.
4. I can make jewelry.
5. How to play mah jongg.

Top 5 most wonderful foods I ate in 2005
1. Lasagna roll thing that isn't on the menu anymore at Settimana.
2. Eggs benedict on a risotto cake at Settimana's brunch. Oh. My. God.
3. Mascarpone mac and cheese at Mod. (rip)
4. Kalua pork in Hawaii.
5. Roast duck with apricots at Francesca's Forno.

Top 5 things I am embarrassed about doing in 2005
1. Drinking too much on New Year's Eve 2004-5.
2. Eating close to 3 dozen homemade potstickers in one sitting.
3. Saying things I shouldn't have. (on more than one occasion)
4. Finally owning more shoes than will fit in my closet.
5. Watching Episode 1 of Party/Party and enjoying it. A total train wreck, that show.

Top 5 events participated in in 2005
1. Linny and Glenn's wedding.
2. Family reunion.
3. Trip to Hawaii to spend a week with my best friend.
4. Caribou at the Empty Bottle.
5. Preparing my first Thanksgiving dinner in my own home.

Top 5 terrible things that happened to me in 2005
1. Losing our 93 year old Nana, October.
2. Losing my dog, Chester, November.
3. Learning of my Great Aunt's lung cancer.
4. Losing track of two old friends.
5. Finding out that we owed a crapload of money to the IRS.

Top 5 wonderful things that happened to me in 2005
1. Landing a new job that I adore.
2. Welcoming a new little nephew into our family, July.
3. Exciting news of 2 more babies on the way, via my two cousins.
4. Selling the car.
5. Winning an iPod Nano.

Top 5 discoveries of 2005
1. Sudoku.
2. Angelic Organics.
3. Taylor Street Cheese Sprinkle.
4. Santa Ema 60/40 Cab/Merlot.
5. Philosophy The Present.

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