Jan 9, 2006

The last few days, a review:

:( Hubb got hit by a car. He's ok, but we're both shaken up by it.

:( Dentist appointment. I need a night guard. How sexy is that?

:) Gallery openings on Friday, inspiration by ceramics and book crafts. Names of artists I can't remember...visiting a friend's beautiful studio and gaping like a fool at the ceramics tools, wheel and kiln. Dreaming of getting something started. Handbuild in my basement? I need to buy a used wheel.

:) Shopping, museuming, dinnering, drinking with the Hubb. An all day date. Discovering Herman Yu, inspiring graphics. Absolutely stunning, and right up my alley. I want to wear his calendar instead of just using it at my desk at work. Then...dance hall party and Red Stripe. A burrito and passing out at 4am. I had never really been a night owl until very recently.

:) Trying on bridesmaid dresses for a wedding I am not in. It was fun, and I felt wonderful and frilly and girlie and I need more of that sometimes. I fell in love with a party dress, and next time I need to be semi-formal and cute, I might consider buying it.

:) Shopping and finding pants that fit! And the most wonderfully comfortable underwear and great sweaters, and buying more wine glasses, and tumblers that match. I've recently been obsessed with things matching. Now my wine glasses and daily glassware are by the same manufacturer, and follow the lines of my new dishes quite nicely. Matchy.

:( Being terribly tired today and wearing heels and walking too much already and my feet still hurt from a) new year's and b) dancing too much on Saturday. Dinner tonight, new restaurant, friends and martinis.

:) Busy week and finally meeting up with friends. Sewing. Beading. Cooking. Warm and fuzzy and not too cold outside. Winter...what?

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