Feb 28, 2006

What is making me sad/upset/grumpy:
1. taxes. oh my god taxes make me cry.
2. potato chips. they keep turning up in my hands and my mouth.
3. which leads to....my favorite jeans that are slowly working on a hole in the inner thigh.
4. people who don't trust me.
5. waking up in the morning for work after a totally unsatisfying night of waking up every hour.

What has been cheering me up:
1. eating duck. thank you g and s.
2. drinking entirely too much wine.
3. babies.
4. sewing things.
5. girl time.

What would finish the job of turning my frown upside down:
1. a staple remover that looks like a crocodile.
2. kung fu movies.
3. some nice fabric to sew more things.
4. fresh flowers in my kitchen.
5. repainting the canvas in our bedroom.

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