Mar 6, 2006

i'm not feeling together, so i leave you with randomness.

i did the workout and now i'm in pain. my inner thighs, my back, my shoulders. i know it isn't remotely possible, but i also feel thinner today.

i'm drinking water with cucumber today. it is really refreshing, you should try it.

after spending two hours in ID on saturday, hubb left with the promise of new glasses in a week and i left with the promise of a tord boontje table stories charger in a week. oh my god i can't wait.

except mine's white on white. which is much much better.

i saw an enormous engagement ring this weekend on a very young woman's hand, and i swear it was like 7 carats. and it made me sad because i know her husband so i know it was real. sad because it was so obscene. sad because i honestly wanted to ask her to be careful not to accidently brush up against anything because she might gauge a huge hole in the wall with it. i wondered how her thin little arms could hold it up.

a had more random thoughts but they've escaped me. i'm sure they'll settle back down as soon as i try to fall asleep tonight.

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