Jun 2, 2006

so we picked out our finishes, cabinets, counters, paints, and are getting closer to feeling like we're going to be homeowners soon. of course, we wish the builder had more options for creative trendy individuals such as us, but we managed with the generic condo options given to us. paint was the hardest, but we finally agreed on a smoky pale blue (Take Five!) for our master bedroom, and an appropriately named "Agreeable Grey" for the rest of the house. we'll do some more painting once we move in, maybe a gold in the turret and an accent wall in the hallway, but at least we'll have something other than flat white when we move in.

i counted, and we have 16 weeks until our proposed closing. that's a long freaking time and i don't know how i'm going to live through it. i want to start packing and selling our unwanted furniture RIGHT NOW! and get into OUR house with OUR paint choices and OUR central air conditioning. ahhh. oh my god can you tell that i'm excited?

so every couple of weeks hubb and i get together with another couple for dinner and game night. we mostly play mah jongg, and last night i won. twice. i'm still on a high from my wins, and i'm antsy for some winds and bams and dots today. instead i'm super busy at work and i can't believe it's lunchtime already. tonight i'm attending a going away party for a dear girlfriend of mine who is moving to ohio next week. it has taken me so long to get real comfortable talk about anything girlfriends here in chicago, and they're already moving away. i give that a big thumbs down.

and can you believe that it's june already? my god how the time flies. pray for me that it will fly as fast to closing on my new agreeably finished home.

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