Jun 12, 2006

so, i bought a bicycle, a vintage sears free spirit in robin's egg blue (i'll post photos soon). i also bought a lock, and am waiting on the arrival of a pretty white helmet and white front basket. i'll be cruising around town in style by the end of the week, hopefully. i'm terribly excited. and i lied....Hubb bought me the bike. and the helmet. i have the best husband ever.

i also went to milwaukee, for a weekend of drinking and drinking and drinking. i'm still recovering. i need a nap. all 8 members of our little group fully documented our trip, but you can start by looking at my photos here. the whole weekend was delicious, especially the frenchie bloody mary at the trocadero cafe. oh. my. god. dijon mustard and blue cheese stuffed olives. delish. milwaukee isn't so bad.

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