Jun 9, 2006

so i need some input...we're picking out colors/themes for our new place and i can't decide on a simple swatch for upholstering a 15" x15" cushion for a chair that will go in our bedroom. the walls will be a pale smoky baby blue, our furniture will be white (including this chair), and our bed linens are currently sage green (but i will be buying brown). we also plan to paint a brown graphic organic silhouetted image on the wall above the bed. so here are my swatches. i can't decide. they each could provide a totally different feel to the space. so what do you think?

left to right, top to bottom: sunbloom lotus lea, charm mosaic paisley sky, sofia garden light blue, graceful vine brown, honeycomb turquoise, and charm floral sky.
i'm leaning towards the lotus leaf or the sofia garden to add some pop. or the graceful vine to tie in the brown, or the honeycomb just because i love it. i need help.

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