Jun 29, 2006

so it's already almost july, which i can't get over. july! summer is nearly half over! i don't even have a tan! i didn't even plant any tomato plants! this flying time is really getting to me. i need to start making better use of my days and weeks.

every time i start to write here i get an unbearable urge to write about the new house. and the decorating. and the furniture. and the colors and the fixtures and the neighborhood. i still have three months until we close and i'm driving myself batty. what if something happens? what if things fall through? i will be totally crushed and i won't know what to do. so i'm trying to find other things to obsess about, which isn't working very well.

i went to ohio last weekend to visit a friend, that lead to the discovery that i've been wearing the wrong bra size, probably for years. it never occurred to me to get sized again after gaining some weight last fall, but it appears that i should have. i've been wearing bras a cup size too small and a band size too big. so i've been shopping for new undergarments, but i'm feeling rather uneasy about the new cup letter. it feels weird to me to say it out loud. it isn't who i have always thought i've been, having the same boobs since college. or maybe i was wrong then, too? it pains me to think about it, and all of the undersized pretty underthings that i should put away, probably forever. at least my chest is keeping me from thinking about my new house.

it's beautiful outside today and i wish i was at home on my roof with my oversized beach towel, a margarita and Gourmet magazine. this month has some great articles that i'm dying to read, when i can find the time. but this weekend will be spent cleaning and grocery shopping and cooking in preparation for a bbq. can i have a week off, please?

and i got my new bike but i haven't really been riding it, save for a trip to the grocery store or a nearby bar every now and then. i need the sky to stop threatening thunder storms so i can get riding to work. i'm nervous about the bridges and the underpasses that spot the route, but i'm excited to leave the bus behind for a bit and get a little bit of exercise and wind in my face.

hubb and i are participating in an Angelic Organics share again this year, and we've been getting at least 5 pounds of lettuce and other mixed greens each week. so i've been eating lots and lots of salad, which is good because i've lost 2 pounds. i know that's not a lot, but it's a start to wearing a bathing suit in public. like at our office bbq next month.

update complete. back to not thinking about furniture shopping.

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