Sep 26, 2006

i'm trying to keep my mind off of things, so here are a few things that i'm keeping myself busy with these days:

flickr: this bedroom series is fascinating to me.

etsy (still): i want some t-shirts.

the west elm sale.

back-reading designsponge.

these prints. i can't stop looking at them. i MUST have 2 or 3 of them for my new house.

work. seriously. it has picked up for me a bit over the last week or two and i couldn't be more thrilled.

i'm going to a fun (i hope) foodie event tonight. i even bought new shoes to wear for it.

aaaah we're moving on friday. we will OWN PROPERTY! it blows my mind so much i need a drink. good news because in about 3 hours i will get one. with gin. which is fine by me.

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