Sep 20, 2006

so hubb and i went to austin and spent four days with family, eating, drinking, remembering. it was great to see everyone, to meet my cousin's 5 month old, Sophie, and go through old photographs with my grandma. aside from all of the men in the family injuring themselves during the trip, the weekend was a success.

1-my uncle arrives in austin and promptly goes to the emergency room to have a foreign object removed from his thumb. (still not sure what happened there.)
2-my father pulls his shoulder while throwing the very first trash bag of garbage hauled from my aunt Ve's house into the dumpster. he was out of commission after less than 5 minutes of work.
3-my other uncle Ed bites the pavement stepping out of the van on day 2 of cleaning out Ve's house. many bandages later, his knee is covered but he's out of the worker bee army.
4-my little brother, who sprained his ankle a week or two ago, walks backwards off a curb outside our hotel, tumbles to the ground, and (we later learned) ended up fracturing his ankle.
5-hubb drinks a bit too much saturday night, spends sunday traveling and praying that his head will give him a break, and has now been dizzy for three days straight. there's no way it is can still be the alcohol, so he's off to the doctor to see why his head won't stop spinning.

as soon as we arrived in austin we also received news that our closing is pushed back a week to allow the builder to finish our unit properly. it probably works out for the best anyway, because now we have another solid weekend to pack. i'm still antsy, though. i'm ready to be in My Home.

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