Oct 5, 2006

so. we are homeowners! yay! three cheers for responsibility and debt! and incomplete pipes and scratched floors and closets that won't close! our punchlist is at least three pages long, but we're promised that it will all be taken care of. in time. in the meantime, we absolutely adore our 2 bed/2 bath condo and i just want to stay home from work every day to hug the walls and kiss the counters. and cook. i haven't really made a proper meal in my new kitchen yet, and i'm dying to do so. namely, pozole rojo. man, that sounds delicious. and i think i might be the only person i know who always has hominy in my pantry. er...cabinet. what i wouldn't give for a pantry....

i've learned more in the past two weeks than in the previous two years, i think. about mortgages, homeowners insurance, inspections, sump pumps, garbage disposals, security systems, washing machines, the returns process at home depot. and what NOT to do next time. but it is all wonderful. and i can do laundry in my OWN HOUSE! and shower in my choice of two showers. and knock a hole in the wall if i want to because it's mine, all mine!

so i might be absent here for longer stretches than normal while i finish making my home and get over this cold/allergy/sinus infection thing that seems to have settled into my face. maybe i'll run into you at home depot or the container store.

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