Oct 20, 2006

first: limbo. i'm ready for my house to be finished already! we still don't have vent covers, a top to our peninsula in the kitchen, or a working jacuzzi tub (which i am incidentally in desperate need of using.) i'm ready for the boxes to be gone, the shit to be put away, and the furniture to be purchased and put in place. i hate living in limbo.

second: oprah. i went to a taping and it was exactly what i expected and i left unsatisfied and jaded. it was interesting, and energetic, but oprah wasn't as friendly and talkative as she seems on the show. now i'm not a huge fan of any celebrity enough to jump up and down and scream as some of these women did, but i could have used a little wave and "thank you" and genuine smile. at least i got a free book.

third: tumor. i've had a headache for 5 days now, and my doctor has ordered me to have an mri. i'm a little freaked out about that, and i'm not sure i really want the test. would you want to know if you had a giant inoperable tumor? i wouldn't. now i'm sure it's nothing, just pain caused by stress as my doctor thinks, but still....what if. what if my brain is all funky and broken and diseased? i don't want to know the results unless my noggin is perfectly normal. although we all can tell stories about me that may prove contrary.....

fourth: stress. i'm under it and it's consuming me to a point where i just want to stay in bed for a few days while things sort themselves out and little old ladies organize and straighten and clean my house for me. and entertain my guests and cook my meals and maybe even go to the gym for me. i just want to stay in bed and drink tea and eat pizza. for a week. can i please do that? no. because work is busy and the house needs some love that i can't afford to hire other people to give it. and because i am the only one who can take care of my shit. and i can't even take a relaxing jacuzzi bath because the builder of my house is too busy. please pass the wine.

fifth: baby. the newest member of my family, my new little niece Brenae, was born on thursday in virginia. she is an adorable sweet little thing and i can't wait to meet her in person this holiday season. happy birthday, little angel! your antie em is looking forward to hanging out with you.

sixth: responsibility. we scheduled our first mortgage payment(s) and association dues, but i still don't feel like we've really purchased a house. i guess i thought we'd be acting more mature and knowledgeable and smart somehow just for buying a home. instead we just whine about how much blinds cost. (i am still in shock over the amount of money we gave away so that we can have a little privacy.)

seventh: 26.2. my good friend Alex (the guy that hubb and i owe our marriage to by introducing us more than 7 years ago) is coming into town tonight for the weekend. he's here to run the chicago marathon, so on sunday you'll find us bar hopping, drinking bloody marys in between screaming with 1.5 million other fans for our favorite runner. GO AL!

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