Oct 31, 2006

(caution: may not be safe for work) oh. my. god. it is a trainwreck and i can't stop looking. i hate RR even more now as i imagine her nervous nasal laugh as she poses in her skivvies with the turkey there. oh god. turkey will never be the same for me. i might vomit.

sorry about that.

5 reasons i'm happy today:

1. i had a wonderful birthday yesterday, as hubb presented me with......A SMALLTHINGS NECKLACE! finally! i've only been hounding him for one or two years. it is beautiful and i love it.

2. hubb also took me to avec, which was amazingly delicious and wonderful. i literally dreamt about the chorizo-stuffed medjool dates with smoked bacon and piquillo pepper-tomato sauce. oh my god. but in a good way this time.

3. tord boontje for target. awesomeness at an affordable price. i want the wine glasses (like i need wine glasses...) and the multi-color dessert plates and the red mugs (like i need more mugs...). ooh ooh, the wine glasses can be used for little tealights! oh my god i'm ordering them right now.
4. speaking of tord, my wonderful bro in law, completely on his own with no hints, requests, or demands gave me a wonderful transglass vase for my birthday. i can't begin to express my happiness over it.
5. it's halloween. happy spooky day!

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