Jan 15, 2007

i had probably the most girly weekend ever. a friend came into town friday to suprise one of my closest chicago friends at her birthday dinner on saturday, then we suprised that friend AGAIN with a party with 20 of her closest friends at my house after dinner. then ANOTHER suprise with ANOTHER out of town friend and her fiance. THEN....pedicures and shopping and eating lots of food on sunday. which was also....a suprise for the birthday girl. it was really wonderful and smiley and happy, and now suprising people is my new favorite thing. i think we made her 30th birthday the most memorable one yet, which is exactly what girlfriends are for.

i ate way too much food, drank far too much champagne, wine and cocktails, and didn't get nearly enough sleep. so i'm a little out of it today, but at least i have freshly painted toenails and new boots.
in other news, i cracked a tooth and i have to get a cap. luckily my tooth is in good condition (other than the fact that it is falling apart) so a root canal is not necessary. i've done that once and i hope to never go through it again, thank you very much. in the meantime, my dentist has filed the edge of the chipped tooth so that it doesn't cut my tongue, (which it does anyway) so i now have a huge gap in between two of my teeth for food to get stuck in. so i'm getting shit stuck in there, which irritates my gums, so i floss, which irritates them even more, and i can't get into the damned dentist again to be fitted for the cap for another month. if i appear grumpy you now know why. and i will be much grumpier two weeks after that appointment when i have to go in to have the cap put on and then pay nearly $400 for the damned thing.
i had some other nice things to share, but i'm pissed off now thinking about my stupid tooth. maybe someone will suprise me and cap it for free while i sleep tonight.

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