Jan 11, 2007

so, in november 2004 hubb and i purchased a sofa from room and board. and we loved it. a year later the cushions started to pull apart at the seams. and we were upset. hubb called customer service to ask about the warranty, to learn that there is a lifetime warranty. yay! so they sent a sewer out to hand sew the cushions back together. a few months later they started to pull again. another phone call was made, and voila! we are now in the "reselection process" to exchange our 2 year old sofa for a new upgraded piece. room and board definitely knows what they're doing here. two years ago we purchased a low end sofa, what we could afford at the time, and now, on top of the credit we're receiving from our original purchase, we're spending nearly the same amount to upgrade to a nicer couch. but where else can you get all your money back for a piece of furniture TWO YEARS after you bought it? i don't know. which is why room and board has two loyal customers for life now.

we're going for a more vintage silhouette, and a louder color. we're not afraid of being vibrant anymore, and a bright paprika red sofa is just the thing to finish off our new living room.

we should have it by the end of the month! we may have to have a new sofa party to celebrate. so now, (not wanting to spend $200 on pillows,) i'm on a search for that black and white damask fabric so i can make some new pillows to put on my new sofa.

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sara said...

The couch looks fabulous. BTW, I thought you said they sent a sewer. Like, a sewer, that holds waste, that has manhole covers, that houses the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I'm sitting there going, "A sewer? A sewer? Ohhhhh, someone who SEWS. A SEWER." haha.